Regime of Cold

Back to the Woods

Skeletons, Living Trees, and a Creepy Doll

14-16 Erastus

- After defeating Rohkar’s Raiders, the party returns Lady Argentea to Heldren, along with Rohkar Cindren and his surviving henchmen.
- Party stocked up, trained their animals, and set off for the portal in the middle of the Border Wood.

17 Erastus

- Party stayed the night in the old High Sentinel Lodge, then crossed the icy bridge
- Took their time taking out two frost skeletons, accidentally speeding up one while de-jawing, concussing, and biting them.
- Found the body of hunter Dryden Kepp, as well as evidence of a giant weasel.
- In front of a cabin-topped hill, spoke to the spirit of a little girl. They were told she was being held in a tower by “the Queen” before vanishing.
- On the hill, party fought a doll in the same clothing as the girl. Korthal was charmed by it, but she was destroyed before he could do any damage.
The doll contained a mirror and a blue soul gem, which contained the soul of the girl. The party released the spirit, then burned down the hut, destroying a haunt in the ice boulders below.



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