Regime of Cold

Joining Up

Bandits, Necromancers, and an Exploding Snowman

12 Eratus 4713 AR

- The two groups meet up at a frozen river, where a snowman sits with a sign warning them to turn around.
- Electromagnetix assaulted the snowman. It exploded, alerting two ice elementals from the river.
- the party defeated the elementals, crossed the river, and found the body of Old Man Dansby, a local farmer.
- Seeing smoke, Cat scouted ahead to discover three bandits guarding the trail and arguing around a campfire.
- They were quickly dispatched, with one falling unconscious, another stunned by Electromagnetix and tied up by Cat, a third grappled by Korthal Stonebeard until defeated.

13 Erastus 4713 AR
- gathering information from the bandits about the rest of their gang and its leader, Rohkar Cindren, the party set off to the lodge one belonging to the High Sentinels, but taken by Rohkar’s Raiders.
- Sneaking their way through the back, they quickly took down the main guard, defeating four in one hit and scaring off the fifth.
- After sneaking past Korthal, Rohkar found himself trapped by Boudicca. A brief fight followed, and Rohkar surrendered, giving the party information:
– The Raiders have been working with the mephit Izoze and the moss troll Teb Knotten, who are both in the employ of the White Witches of Irrisen.
– The Witches plan to invade Taldor through a portal in the middle of the Border Wood, which is the cause of the unnatural cold.
– Rohkar doesn’t know what they needed with Argentea, moly that they needed her alive.
- The party found Argentea alive, and brought her back to Heldren, along with the remaining Raiders.



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