Regime of Cold

The True Threat

Weasels, trolls, and the Black Rider

17 Erastus

- Korthal chose to ignore the warning written in the snow just passed the burned-out hut, continuing down the path but triggering a glyph of warding trap in the meantime.

- Team (especially Electromagnetix) ambushed by injured, hungry giant weasel, then later by Izoze and her air elemental compatriot.

- Choosing to take advantage of the dark and the increasing blizzard, the party infiltrated the enemy base camp surrounding the Portal.

- Took out one fairy and an atomie in their sleep, but allowed one fairy to escape and alert the Moss Troll Teb Knotten.

- Korthal caught in pit trap, but rest of party able to corner Teb in his cave, where they easily dispatched of him.

- While preparing to camp, the party is met by a gaunt figure riding through the Portal, dying from an ice spear jutting from his back.

- He is the Black Rider, a harbinger to the Baba Yaga. Every 100 years, the Baba Yaga returns to Irrisen to place one of her daughter on the throne. The Baba Yaga has yet to emerge, though, and the current queen is doing everything in her power to keep her from appearing, including killing her allies.

- Queen Elvanna is trying to take over Golarion, using portals like this one to cover the planet in eternal winter.

- Party given the Mantle of the Black Rider, charging them with the task of finding the Baba Yaga.

- Portal can be closed on the other side in Irrisen, and the Baba Yaga can be found using her Dancing Hut, which is being held in the capital city of Whitethrone.



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