Regime of Cold

Waldsby Hospitality

Bugs, Birds, and Tea

- Crossing the portal from Taldor to Irrisen, the new Heralds of the Baba Yaga saved a party of villagers from a giant mantis which had crossed over from the other side. The leader of the band, Nadya Petska, offers to bring the party to her village as thanks for their help.
- Hunkered down against an incoming blizzard, the villagers are joined by Mineral Ardelain, a wandering bard, who regales them song before leaving into the storm.
- The next morning, the caravan is beset by a swarm of crows, who Nadya believes were sent by the White Witches.
- After arriving in Waldsby, they learn more about Nadya. She believes her daughter is being kept prisoner by the region’s White Witch, Nazhena Vasilliovna, but the group realizes that her daughter was, in fact, killed to create the possessed doll they fought in the Border Wood.
- As Shula breaks the news to Nadya, the rest of the party joins the owners of the White Weasel, who attempt to use an enchanted tea to convince Mouse and the others to leave Irrisen. Failing that, the couple attack, but are quickly defeated.
- They learn that the mirror in the tavern is connected to the Pale Tower as surveillance. Fearing the Witches may have learned of them, the party returns to Nadya, who, after learning her daughter’s fate, has resolved to help them in any way.
- Arranging protection for her remaining sons, and hoping to convince the house’s resident fey, Hatch, to use his knowledge of the Tower to help them, the party leaves tomorrow….



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