Spear of Manhunting

Teb Knotten's Spear

weapon (melee)

Weapon: boar spear
CL: 3rd
Weight: 8 lbs
Price: 3,925gp
Aura: Faint enchantment

A two-foot-long blade extends from the heavy crossbar of this +1 boar spear. Designed to catch and hold humanoid prey.

Received from the moss troll Teb Knotten in the Border Wood of Heldren

- Automatically resizes to match the size of its wielder when grasped
- Once per day on a successful critical hit, weilder can cast hold person as an immediate action on the target hit by the attack (Will 13DC negates)
- Effect immediately ends if the spear is dropped or withdrawn, such as by making additional attacks

1 Boar Spear:
- From Ultimate Equipment
- Simple Weapon
- +1 to attack
- 1d6
1 (small) or 1d8+1 (medium) damage
- x2 critical
- Brace
- If Brace succeeds, +2 to AC against that target until the end of your next turn


Spear of Manhunting

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