Regime of Cold

Shula's Journal 2
What a day!

13 Eratus 4713
Written in Hethren by the shade of a tree

Well we found Lady Argentea and brought her back, safe and mostly sound to the village!
I am taking a few minutes out of the chaos of our return to write down a few words about our day.

We found the lodge and inside the rest of the raiders who held the Lady captive. Although one escaped, we captured all the rest, including their Leader Rokar.
Mouse’s stealth abilities were quite handy (contrarily to my clumsiness last night when I attracted the attention of the camp brigands even though they were arguing amongst themselves, and loudly at that!)

This battle granted us quite a few treasures, we’ll have to take a closer look at them when things settled down.

I’m puzzled by Rokar’s quick surrendering. And even more now that we know that he isn’t a necromancer but a cleric of Norgober. I’ve heard the name before and I know it is nothing good, but I will try to know more about if I can.

We also learned about Izoze, a mepeth, and Teb Knotten, a mothtroll, both leading an army from the northern territories of Irissen, under the command of a white witch.
I though white witches were only in tales and legends, especially ones who with to invade the world…
I’m afraid that Lady Argentea’s kidnapping was but the beginning of something frightful.

But let’s not think about it at this instant and focus on the relief and happiness brought by the safe return of the Lady.

PS: we met an half-orc today too, and strangely enough, she wasn’t as belligerent as I thought and even she was quite a chef!

Sarenrae, your Light will always be the strongest and the purest.

Shula's Journal
A new beginning...

12 Eratus 4713
Written by the light of a camp fire

At last, I have left the village! The Elders have called me amongst others to help with discovering what happened to Lady Argentea. Maybe Natharen put a word for me. I will have to thank him for that. I actually feel bad, I left without saying goodbye. I will have to remedy that when we head back to town.

I met Mouse, an half-elf druid and his lynx, Cat (I’d never met a lynx before, their paws are just so big!!) and Electromagnetix, a human wizard, although we didn’t get a chance to really get to know each other.
But we got to meet Yuln Oer Stag, Lady Argentea’s bodyguard, and then Old man Dansbee. So many rumors are going around the village with the arrival of the snow…I’m afraid that everyone is getting a little paranoid.

Mouse, Electro and I went to check the kidnapping site, only to find dogs feeding on the bodies. One even bit me!
We oddly got attacked by a brown mantaray, strange sight in the middle of Summer…
But stranger even was the three fairies we encountered later. One of them was even riding on a white stag.
All winter feys, I wonder how they made their ways so far south in the middle of summer!

It was but the middle of the day when we met with Korthal Stonebead, a dwarf fighter, and Ivy, a gnome druid (she’s so tiny and cute, almost like a doll, although I’m sure she wouldn’t like it if I petted her head like a little one, plus Boudicca, her wolf, would most likely not let me do that anyway).
I was quite surprised to see Cat and Boudicca behaving so well around each other, while Cat is cautious, Boudicca just ignores him. Animals are so fascinating.

Anyway, we’d barely met them when Electro set up a trap by trying to…intimidate a…snowman. I have to admit, I’m not so sure what to think about him. He doesn’t seem like a bad person, just not very…smart.
The result was a rough fight against two ice elementals. I’d actually never met any of those before and they were quite dangerous opponents. I even had to heal Korthal. It was the first time I helped someone like that during combat, I felt useful and was grateful that Lady Sarenrae granted me her powers.

We were saddened later to see that Old man Dansbee hadn’t been so lucky as us. We’ll have to tell his family in town. What a sad news.

As the night settled, we met with three of the brigands we’d been tracking. I was surprised by their lack of conviction. They were obviously hired mercenary and didn’t believe their cause was one to die for.
At last, their camp is providing us with a mostly comfortable place for the night. They mentioned a Lodge ahead and I believe that we might find more answers there about Lady Argentea’s disappearance tomorrow.

Thank you Goddess of the Light for your guidance today. Please watch over me and my new allies.

Joining Up
Bandits, Necromancers, and an Exploding Snowman

12 Eratus 4713 AR

- The two groups meet up at a frozen river, where a snowman sits with a sign warning them to turn around.
- Electromagnetix assaulted the snowman. It exploded, alerting two ice elementals from the river.
- the party defeated the elementals, crossed the river, and found the body of Old Man Dansby, a local farmer.
- Seeing smoke, Cat scouted ahead to discover three bandits guarding the trail and arguing around a campfire.
- They were quickly dispatched, with one falling unconscious, another stunned by Electromagnetix and tied up by Cat, a third grappled by Korthal Stonebeard until defeated.

13 Erastus 4713 AR
- gathering information from the bandits about the rest of their gang and its leader, Rohkar Cindren, the party set off to the lodge one belonging to the High Sentinels, but taken by Rohkar’s Raiders.
- Sneaking their way through the back, they quickly took down the main guard, defeating four in one hit and scaring off the fifth.
- After sneaking past Korthal, Rohkar found himself trapped by Boudicca. A brief fight followed, and Rohkar surrendered, giving the party information:
– The Raiders have been working with the mephit Izoze and the moss troll Teb Knotten, who are both in the employ of the White Witches of Irrisen.
– The Witches plan to invade Taldor through a portal in the middle of the Border Wood, which is the cause of the unnatural cold.
– Rohkar doesn’t know what they needed with Argentea, moly that they needed her alive.
- The party found Argentea alive, and brought her back to Heldren, along with the remaining Raiders.

Also the Woods
Omega Team Go!

12 Erastis 4713

- Electromagnetix, Shula, Mouse and Cat are tasked with finding Lady Argentea Mallasene, and also to investigate the source of the unnatural cold flowing through the Border Wood.
- Investigate the massacre site, fending off wild dogs looking for a meal.
- Following the trail, they fight a leaf ray, some winter fairies, and a white stag being controlled by another fey.
- They arrive at a river, with a snowman and awaiting adventurers

Into the Woods
Alpha Team Go!

12 Erastus 4713 AR

- Ivy and Korthal Stonebeard asked to find the kidnapped Lady Argentea Mallasene, as well as investigate the unnatural cold permeating the Border Wood and the winter-touched fey that came with it.
- The pair, along with Ivy’s wolf Boudicca, investigate the site of the kidnapping, where they find a thief and zombified victims
- The thief agrees to assist them, and they follow the trail into the woods, where they fight a tatzlwyrm, a dire badger, and some of the fairies they were warned about
- They reach a river, where a snowman with a sign around his neck is waiting for them. And coming up behind…


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