Religions of the Inner Sea

Good Deities
Erastil (LG) Farming, hunting, trade, family
Iomedae (LG) valor, rulership, justice, honor
Torag (LG) the forge, protection, strategy
Sarenrae (NG) the sun, redemption, honesty, healing
Shelyn (NG) beauty, art, love, music
Desna (CG) dreams, stars, travelers, luck
Cayden Cailean (CG) freedom, wine, bravery

Neutral Deities
Abadar (LN) cities, wealth, merchants, law
Irori (LN) history, knowledge, self-perfection
Gozreh (N) nature, weather, the sea
Pharasma (N) fate, death, prophecy, birth
Nethys (N) magic
Gorum (CN) strength, battle, weapons
Calistria (CN) trickery, lust, revenge

Evil Deities
Asmodeus (LE) tyranny, slavery, pride, contracts
Zon-Kuthon (LE) envy, pain, darkness, loss
Urgathoa (NE) gluttony, disease, undeath
Norgorber (NE) greed, secrets, poison, murder
Lamashtu (CE) madness, monsters, nightmares
Rovagug (CE) wrath, disaster, destruction

G: Good E: Evil N: Neutral: L: Lawful C: Chaotic

Religions of the Inner Sea

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