Treasure Tracker

I will be using this page to keep track of all of the treasure earned in our sessions.

This is not a final statement on how much gold and treasure you have earned. It will only keep track of treasure, magic items, and masterwork items found. Standard equipment (ie, weapons taken from enemies) and money earned from selling items, should be tracked by the party.

Updated 06.08.16 by Zulma
DM, would you mind adding what we got from the additional chests from Rohkar please. I stopped at the 8 raiders who were inside the Lodge, then it went too fast, so my information isn’t accurate. Thanks.

14 G
14 G
14 G 25 S 18 C
24 G 15 S
64 G 40 S

Standard/sellable equipment
Gold and silver necklaces 75G
Pendent 50G
Outfits 45 G
Tiny fey shortbow & arrow → Electro
Tiny fey sword
Tiny fey rapier
Composite Longbow +1 to strength → Mouse
3 + 8 padded armor
3 + 8 bucklers
3 + 8 short bows
3 + 8 short swords

Masterwork items
Masterwork sword 100G
Masterwork chainshirt 175G → Shula
Masterwork handhax +1 to attack → Shula

Magic Items

Other noteworthy artifacts
3 horses

DMs Breakdown:

Alpha Team:

Massacre Site:
Argentea’s ring
25gp earrings
90gp bracelets

Omega Team:

Massacre Site:
75gp necklace
50gp pendant

ADDITIONALLY: 42gp from fairies between two groups

Joining Up:

Old Man Dansby’s body:
Composite bow (+1 Str)
Masterwork hand axe
14gp, 25sp, 18cp

24gp, 15sp

High Sentinel Lodge:
Rohkar’s chest:
Gold ingot (50gp)
Silver ring (25gp)
3 gemstones (30gp total)
Riding boots (15gp)
Silver dagger w/ hidden compartment
Small centipede poison (1 dose)
Endure elements (level 1)
2x Magic weapon (level 1)
Unseen servant (level 1)

Ten-Penny’s chest:
Healers kit (5 uses)
Potion of lesser restoration

40gp, 25gp

+1 short sword (magic item)
Greenblood oil (1)
Oil of taggit (2)
Masterwork studded leather
Cloak of the Yeti
Masterwork thieves tools
Scroll: animate dead (10HD, divine 3/arcane 4)
Spellbook (sellable for 35gp)

3x Scroll of lesser animate dead (2HD, divine 2/ arcane 3)
3x Greenblood oil
25pp, 150gp, 180sp
Blue Quartz diamond (100gp)
3x oils of magic weapon
10x alchemists fire

Rescue reward: 500gp

Back to the Woods

Dryden Kepp’s Corpse:
2x +1 animal-bane arrows

2x Bear traps

Possessed Doll:
Blue gemstone (600gp)

Treasure Tracker

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