Regime of Cold

Shula's Journal 2

What a day!

13 Eratus 4713
Written in Hethren by the shade of a tree

Well we found Lady Argentea and brought her back, safe and mostly sound to the village!
I am taking a few minutes out of the chaos of our return to write down a few words about our day.

We found the lodge and inside the rest of the raiders who held the Lady captive. Although one escaped, we captured all the rest, including their Leader Rokar.
Mouse’s stealth abilities were quite handy (contrarily to my clumsiness last night when I attracted the attention of the camp brigands even though they were arguing amongst themselves, and loudly at that!)

This battle granted us quite a few treasures, we’ll have to take a closer look at them when things settled down.

I’m puzzled by Rokar’s quick surrendering. And even more now that we know that he isn’t a necromancer but a cleric of Norgober. I’ve heard the name before and I know it is nothing good, but I will try to know more about if I can.

We also learned about Izoze, a mepeth, and Teb Knotten, a mothtroll, both leading an army from the northern territories of Irissen, under the command of a white witch.
I though white witches were only in tales and legends, especially ones who with to invade the world…
I’m afraid that Lady Argentea’s kidnapping was but the beginning of something frightful.

But let’s not think about it at this instant and focus on the relief and happiness brought by the safe return of the Lady.

PS: we met an half-orc today too, and strangely enough, she wasn’t as belligerent as I thought and even she was quite a chef!

Sarenrae, your Light will always be the strongest and the purest.



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