Regime of Cold

To the Tower

Guards, Subterfuge, and a Talking Crow

- The party, along with Nadya Petska and Hatch, left Waldsby early in the morning, before any response to the night before could arrive in town.
- Party was intercepted by a witchcrow, who attempted to steal the keys given to them by the Black Rider.
- Ambushed a group of guards sent to Waldsby from the Pale Tower. Took their uniforms.
- In disguise, persuaded guards to allow them into the Pale Tower’s front courtyard. The troll on duty was less convinced.
- After defeating the troll and the guards, entered the Tower, fought a dozen guards in various states of preparedness, as well as a water elemental that powered the tower’s supply.
- Hatch secured the ground floor as a safe location for the party to return and rest, and they proceeded through the teleportation ice to the second floor….



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