Regime of Cold

The Second Floor

Bards, Doppelgangers, and Dragonic Research

- After Hatch secured the ground floor of the Pale Tower, the party rested for the evening before pressing onto the second floor.
- Teleporting into the dining hall, the party confronted two atomies and Mierul Ardelain, the forlarren bard that met them their first night in Irrisen.
- Moving on, Korthal poked his head into the kitchen, spoke briefly with a spriggan, then left before bringing any attention to himself.
- Briefly.
- In the library, Electromagnetix attempted to bluff the Captain of the guard through blatant insubordination. It worked for a few rounds, but it also drew the wrong kind of attention from her.
- The books on the table mostly related to Taldor, but the one the Captain was reading regarded Auburphex, the dragon who held this land before defeat at the hands of Queen Elvanna.
- In a bedroom, the party found who they briefly thought was Lady Argentea Mallasene, who they had rescued from Rohkar’s Raiders in Taldor. She attempted to convince them that the Lady they rescued was a fake, but they saw through the disguise of what they quickly discovered to be a doppelganger.
- They also fought a Mandragora in the conservatory.
- The second floor clear, and a key found on the body of the captain, they move on to the third floor…



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