Animal Companions

With two animal companions in the party, I thought it would be best to clamp down on their abilities, following more closer with the rules established by Pathfinder. We will be following the rules of the Animal Companion description and the Handle Animal skill.

The link to the Druid page is here

The link to the Handle Animal skill is here

To summarize:

To control them, animal companions must know tricks. These tricks allow them to do things they normally wouldn’t do on command: attack, come, defend, down, fetch, guard, heel, perform, seek, stay, track, or work.

At level one, a companion knows one of these tricks for free. As they level up, they will gain bonus tricks. Beyond these bonuses, one of two things must happen:

- the animal must be taught a trick. This takes one week of game time, at which point the trainer rolls a Handle Animal check. A sussessful roll gives them that trick. Animals with an intelligence of 1 can learn 3 tricks in this manner, while an Int of 2 or more allows them to learn 6 (in addition to their bonus tricks.

Failure in the Handle Animal check means the trick is not learned. Rather than start over, I will allow another roll the next day.

- if untrained, an animal must be “pushed” into performing the action. This involves succeeding in a DC 25 Handle Animal check. Animal Companions gain a +4 to this roll.

- Additionally, animal companions can learn General Purposes rather than individual tricks. These are essentially trick packages. The Handle Animal check is the same, but it takes 3 weeks to teach package rather than 1 week.

Animal Companions

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