Death, Resurrection, and New Characters

EDITED 4/12/17

While I am not the sort of GM who sees the game as a matter of a competition, seeking to destroy his players in new and creative ways, the time will arise when someone doesn’t make it out of a battle alive. There may also be times where players just want a new character, period. Here are my rules for all such occurrences. Hopefully it balances out fairness while still giving the advantage to players who can keep their characters around as long as possible:

  • If a character dies, and the party chooses to bring them back from the dead, through spells such as Raise Dead, Reincarnation, etc, you will follow the rules according to the spell. This often involves temporary character level hits, allowing the character to be brought back to full strength with Restoration spells. The main penalty is monetary, with the party needing to scrape together spell components through their own funds or by selling the deceased’s goods.
  • If the player chooses to not be raised, or if the party chooses not to raise them, the player in question can roll a new character. Starting XP will be current level + 1/2 of XP earned towards the new level. Starting GP and equipment will be determined by starting gp, and you will not gain any magic items to start. I do this because it’s assumed that your players will loot your corpse, so should be able to either equip you with the gear attached to your former character, or sell the gear off to buy you new (albeit less (penalty!)) gear.

EXCEPTION: If said dead character dies in a way that it is impossible to retrieve their gear (volcano, cliff, etc), I will determine starting gear based partially on tables, but at a penalty.

  • If a player chooses to roll a new character to replace a non-deceased character, XP and starting wealth will be determined per GM discretion. Roleplaying motivations & storyline will play heavily into this decision. If, for example, the player decides that the character is leaving the party for personal reasons developed through the story, they will receive no penalty. If it is decided that they just want to swap for shits & giggles, there may be an XP penalty of up to one level.

These characters will be given new gear according to in-book tables, as it is assumed your previous character will leave the game with their own possessions.

Death, Resurrection, and New Characters

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