The Goddess of Redemption and Justice

Alignment: Neutral Good

Other Name: The Dawnflower

Prayers for Sarenrae’s Clerics:

Battle Prayer

You, Sarenrae, you are the light of everything.

Your glare reaches down to the abyss 
So that monsters of the deep behold your light. . . . 
You destroy the horns of a scheming villain, 
Your weapon will strike at him, and there will be none to save him. 
My goddess, the universe longs for your light. . . . 
Which are the mountains not clothed with your beams? 
Which are the regions not warmed by the brightness of your light? 
Brightener of gloom, illuminator of darkness, 
Dispeller of darkness, illuminator of the broad earth.

Dawn Prayer
It comes!
Through thy divine grace, O Great and Glorious Sarenrae,
The sun of righteous fire rises with healing in its wings!
The glory of the Dawnflower shines upon us.
More precious than gold, your shining splendor.
Sweeter than honey, your radiant forgiveness.
Oh dispeller of darkness, shining one,
radiant and effulgent goddess of mercy,
You banish choking night and the blindness of our ignorance.
The Dawn brings new light. Sarenrae be praised.

Evening Prayer
Lady of the golden sun,
Bless and protect your servants
Now that the day is done.
The earth turns cold and dead
Without your Healing Flame.
I light this candle in your honor,
that you might gather strength
and return to us the nourishment of your fire.
You are the Everlight.
So long as Sarenrae endures, the sun endures.
So long as the sun endures, we endure.

Followers of Sarenrae:


Regime of Cold Zulma