The Basics of Leveling

Since most of the group is enjoying their first RPG experience, leveling may be a new adventure to them. You want to make sure you remember to do everything when you level up, lest you lose out on being the most capable character available.

At every level:
- check the table for your class. It will list most of the things you need to do:
– increases in Base Attack Bonus and Fort/Ref/Will saves. The number listed is your new base number
– new/enhanced abilities, listed under the category “Special”. Details will be listed on the rest of your class page
– Spellcasters: the table will list your new Spells per Day number. A second table MAY list a new Spells Known number
- New Hit Points. Roll the dice associated with your class (listed in the Hit Die area near the beginning of your class description). I will allow rerolls of 1s, but I will ask you roll in front of Me. I trust you all, but it’s too easy to fudge. Add your Con modifier. This number will be added to your current and maximum hit point total (unless you ar unconscious)
- Distribute new skill points. This number is listed under the Class Skills portion of your class description
- If you are leveling your favored class, choose one additional hit poin OR one additional skill point
- Spellcasters: if you have a limited number of spells known (NOT clerics, Druids, etc) select your new spells
- double check your current abilities. Many of them will change as you level up. Example: The damage on Shula’s Fire Bolt ability is 1d6+1 point per two levels. Some sorcerer powers increase as you level up, and not every bloodline moves at the same rate
- Do all of the above with your animal companions

Every odd level:
- Select one new feat

Every four levels:
- Add one point to ONE ability SCORE (Str, Con, Dex, etc)
- If this point increases your ability modifier (if your score goes from an odd to an even number), be sure to increase all relevant scores:
– Str increases attack, melee damage, CMB/CMD, and relevant skills
– Dex increases AC, Touch AC, ranged attacks, CMD, Reflex saves, and skills
– Con increases HP (one hit point per level), Fort save, and skills
– Int increases skill points (one point per level), wizard bonus spells, and skills
– Wis increases Will saves, cleric/ranger/Druid bonus spells, and skills
– Cha increases channel energy DCs for clerics, bard/paladin/sorcerer spells, and skills

ALTERNATELY, you can multi class your character. Rather than adding your current class’s stats, you would add the stats of a new class. Moving forward, every time you level up your character you would choose which class you are leveling.

The Basics of Leveling

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