Treasure Tracker

I will be using this page to keep track of all of the treasure earned in our sessions.

This is not a final statement on how much gold and treasure you have earned. It will only keep track of treasure, magic items, and masterwork items found. Standard equipment (ie, weapons taken from enemies) and money earned from selling items, should be tracked by the party.

UPDATE 10/15/17: Following the closure of each chapter, I will be collecting all items from the chapter and archiving them on a separate page, with a link listed on this page. This prevents this page from overwhelming with outdated information.

The Journey to Whitethrone

Woodwife’s treasure:
Insidious Bear Trap

Beneath Desna’s Altar:
scroll of hold person (bard, cleric, sorcerer, wizard)
scroll of resist energy (cold) (cleric, druid, paladin, ranger, sorcerer, wizard)
Engraved scroll case (100gp)
Bladed Belt (Ultimate Equipment)
Ring of Feather Falling
2x fire opals (250gp each = 500gp)
220gp, 27pp

Treasure Tracker

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