Wild Shape

At level 4, Ivy will gain the Wld Shape ability. Additionally, Electromagnetix can potentially cast beast shape. Both are potentially limitless in their choices of form, so I’m going to make it easier, on me and on you, by establishing a limit.

The limit is focusing on one phrase: “The form must be that of an animal with which the Druid is familiar.”

When level 4 rolls around, I’ll talk to Jorden about Ivy’s background, and will make a list of suitable animals for her based on her history. If she’s never been in a desert, for example, she can’t change into animals that only live there. We’ll also focus on locations she’s traveled through during the campaign.

From there we can make a list of stats for, say, 4 to 5 animals per Shape Level.

It may seem unfair to limit choices, but it is good for the player, as well. Keeping a small index of animals is a lot easier than pulling a Bestiary every time, and also avoids the disappointment of discovering an animal you want isn’t available.

Wild Shape

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